I Have... Who Has?

Print cards for students

Use numbers between

Allow exponents
Allow variables other than n
Allow words for variables other than a number

How to Play

  1. Choose how many students and print the sheets using the Go button.
  2. Cut out the individual cards, shuffle them, and hand one to each student.
  3. Keep the Facilitator Notes card and ask the first question ("Who has...?").
  4. The student with the matching expression says they have it, then asks who has the sentence on their card.
  5. Repeat the process until you get to the end. Time it for fun!


  1. Before you start, write the final expression on the board and hide it. Reveal it at the end!
  2. Another way to play is to let students quietly calculate the next operation before anyone calls out a number. Then students race through the numbers, calling them out as fast as they can since they already know the answer.
  3. Use this as a way to randomly seat people or sort groups.
  4. Challenge: Play it backwards! Students have to translate the expressions into words.