Factors/addends will be between

How to Play

The First Time

  1. Project your screen on a whiteboard or smartboard
  2. The diamond will be blank at first
  3. Explain that the top of the diamond is the product and the bottom is the sum
  4. Reveal all four boxes by clicking them
  5. Click the light gray refresh button (or anywhere at the top of the page) to get a new diamond

Once students know how to play...

  1. Students work in small groups or pairs
  2. Each group uses a mini whiteboard and draws a diamond on it
  3. Load a blank diamond on the screen
  4. Reveal just two boxes by clicking them
  5. The first group to show the teacher a completed diamond with all four numbers wins
  6. Refresh the page for a new diamond while the students pass the whiteboard to the next student in their group (or pair partner)
  7. Play again!